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How do we create successful campaigns?

Anyone can create Google Ads campaigns, but creating the ones that deliver results requires a great effort of research and analysis. 

We always structure campaigns in such a way that will drive right customers to you.

Right Keyword Targeting

We seek the right keywords that can help your ads thrive without spending so much money. By doing competitors research, we make sure you’re reaching your full potential.


Writing Ad Copies

One of the most important aspects in creating a successful Google Ads campaign is writing great ad copies. We not just write ads that entice users to click on them, but also encourage them to transact.

Conversion Focused Landing Page

While creating a Google Ads campaign, choosing or creating a right landing page is very important. We will create a landing page in such a way that if someone clicks on your ad they are sent to that landing page with a great call to action which gives them the opportunity to convert well.

Our Philosphy

“Set it and forget it”- We never work like that. We continuously optimise all the campaigns so that your campaigns can generate the best possible return on ad spend.

We do solid testing of ads

We continuously monitor the effectiveness of all the campaigns. We are always looking for ways to improve our performance by A/B testing multiple ads.

Reacting to user behaviour

User behaviour can help us determine if the ad might need to change in order to perform better.

Keywords monitoring

We want to make sure that your budget is being used wisely. We always bid on the keywords that are driving the best conversions.

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Client Speaks!

Advanced ideas, passionate youngsters, flawless work, talented team, innovative processes, driven professionals, amazing assistance, reliable, dedicated, and methodical are some of the keywords used by clients while describing their experience with us.

Céline Casse
Céline Casse
Paris, France
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Gourav and his team are wonderful ! They adapted themselves so much close to your project and to your needs. Gourav is one of the most trustworthy person I have ever met. You can trust him eyes closed. His team is so professional, reactive and very quick. I leave in France and at the beginning I was a bit afraid because of the distance. But finally I don't regret my choice at all. Now, I am planning to work for a very long period of time with him and his team.
Andrea Benton
Andrea Benton
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It was great working with team RethinkUX, they were quick in their response, understood my requirements clearly and even after the delivery of my project they fullfilled my requests on priority.
United States of America
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Rethink UX developed a software for me, I am very pleased with the work they have done, They are very energetic young team, Gourav runs a very tight ship, while development he came up with lot of interesting and advance ideas and implanted them flawlessly, I will recommend them any day.
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson
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I hired RethinkUX for SEO and Social media management. I am thankful to the team for doing the high quality work and always being available for the support. I appreciate the marketing team who was available even on their weekend.
GPS Waraich
GPS Waraich
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Rethink UX is a team of talented youngsters, and it's been a year since I have been in touch with them and availed their services. The path-breaking and innovative team with an eye for detail and future compliant with in-depth knowledge about their respective fields, the team is lovely Few Indian professionals believe in proper solution as most resort to quick-fix (Juggad) which will collapse sooner or later. At Rethink, you can expect robust and professional solutions. They are reluctant to negotiate on the price which I was uncomfortable within the beginning, but after a year, I find it value for money, keeping in mind the quality of work. I can safely say I am happy that I got the US Dollar ($) quality of work in INR (₹)

Common Questions Asked By Our Clients

We have jotted down the common questions which frequently come to an individual's mind

SaaS keywords will usually land in either the technology industry category which averages $5 per click or the B2B category which averages $3.5 per click.
So, yes, SaaS industry keywords are slightly more expensive than average.

Each project has different requirements and goals, and as a result we don’t have a standardized pricing structure. We make the costs associated with each project understood upfront with no hidden fees or agendas. To get a customized quote for your pay-per-click campaign, please contact us directly.

We stand by the value and quality of our work, but we can’t guarantee specific results. However, Google has officially named us a Premier Partner because we’ve shown that our strategies work.

  1. At Rethink UX, we make sure that every client receives a custom-built Google Ad strategy with their specific goals and desired outcomes in mind. We deliver quarterly plans based on our research, testing and results to ensure you’re always hitting the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Many agencies consider their job done once they’ve driven a form submission, but at Rethink UX we work with your CRM and sales team to make sure we’re driving quality, valuable leads.

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Rethink UX is a team of passionate youngsters who help startups and businesses to take their ideas from idea stage to market.

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Rethink UX is a team of passionate youngsters who help startups and businesses to take their ideas from idea stage to market.

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