What is Web Development?

A well-built website, therefore, automatically provides a strong competitive edge, making brands stand out and improving their business results. Great websites are not supposed to be ‘original’ or ‘pretty.’ They’re supposed to deliver business results, such as brand positioning, customer conversions, trust and so on.

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Elements of a great website

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A good website is fast. As noted above, something as seemingly trivial as a half-second delay can result in a 25% traffic decrease or loss of 10% in revenue.

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Trust is something that is achieved with copy, trust marks, smart display of testimonials and social proof. A great aesthetic look alone builds people’s trust in you.

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Your website architecture and content determine your search rank. Doing a good job can result in high visibility, which can translate into an enormous boost in traffic.

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Smartphones and tablets took over desktop as the primary way for how people access websites. Delivering seamless experiences across devices is paramount.

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A good website sells. That starts with layout and copy, which must follow users’ ergonomics for best delivery of the copy.

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You also want to manage your website easily, which comes with the CMS part of the web development. So your employees don’t waste time and stay productive.

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