Difference between UI and UX: What you need to know

Many people believe that the product satisfies the UX design (user experience) by the features of UI (user interface).
Nowadays, UX designers are expected to have UI skills however it has many advantages also. There are several reasons for the expectations, but let’s not talk about that and come straight to our topic of the difference between UI and UX. Defining these terms will help you to better understand each discipline and discover new capabilities.

The difference between UI and UX

UX or user experience is the way of identifying the needs of the user.
UX design is the soul of the site, it’s the brand. Whenever a user clicks on a link, for example, does the link changes? So that the user knows that it has been clicked on.
Although the UI and UX designers are almost same; the UX designers focus on the macros, the bigger parts of the site whereas the UI designers focus on the micros, the details.
UX designers identify the steps the user will follow, for example, the steps to sign up on your site, what steps the user will take to make an account, how can the user succeed?
UI designer will help the user in the sign-up process by giving them clues and making the process to look more interactive by adding the desired colors and animations etc. These things will keep the user busy and will lead to the successful creation of the account.

UX makes the interface useful, UI makes it beautiful

The UX designer first designs the product according to the needs of the user to make it easy to use and then the product is handed over to the UI designer.
So, the UX and UI designers together make the designing for emotion. Website’s stunning design attracts users. They stay on the website if there is something which catches their attention. If you can establish a connection with the user then you can be happy.

to summarise

It is almost impossible to extract UI from UX or UX from UI but we can conclude that:

  • UX designer helps the user to perform the meaningful tasks
  • UI designermakes the interface attractive and pleasing