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How to get your company listed on Wikipedia?

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How to Create a Wikipedia Page?

In this blog, we will talk about how we can create a Wikipedia page for a company or an individual for marketing your business. But before that let’s see how difficult it is and why we need to create a Wikipedia page.

Why we need a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia Introduction

In the current times all the social media platforms from Twitter to Facebook and quora to Medium blogs, provides us have plenty of opportunities to drive traffic and generate relevant leads.

So you must be thinking that is Wikipedia Organization still relevant enough for driving online traffic?

And the answer is YES. Wikipedia articles are ranking in the top 5 of the search results on more than 60% of all Google searches.

Wikipedia articles are not only used for generating traffic but it is also used for building online authority of your business. Wikipedia page will help increase the credibility of your business in the social media realm.  Not only that, Google considers Wikipedia organization as a highly authoritative source, so getting a link from Wikipedia can boost the SERP rankings of your website.

You know creating a Wikipedia page is incredibly difficult. Writing a Wikipedia page is just like writing an exam. But we must say that it is worth the time and effort because a Wikipedia page can generate a ton of traffic on your business website.


First thing first, learn about the Wikipedia organization and how it works for marketing. Learning the ins and outs of being a good Wikipedia citizen will help ensure your page o article won’t be deleted or challenged after you’ve submitted it for review.

Is your Business Eligible For A Wikipedia page?

Do you know everyday Wikipedia deletes 1000s of pages due to the low notability and authority of the company? These pages are mostly deleted by automated bots. So why does Wikipedia remove pages and articles on its website?

Here are few things necessary for qualifying for a Wikipedia page or article-

  1. Is your business notable?
  2. Does your business website have a good number of online references?
  3. Are the references genuine?
  4. Does any or some of those references have Wikipedia pages themselves?

If your company has the notability to qualify as a Wikipedia page so the next step is to create a page for your business and shine in the online overcrowded competition.

So now that your business is notable, what are you waiting for?

How to Set-up a Wikipedia Page?

Let’s start with the step-by-step process of creating a Wikipedia page for your business

– Create a Wikipedia account.

80 % of the buyers, prefer to conduct online research before buying a service.

So having a Wikipedia page gives you the upper hand of convincing your potential customers about your services and credibility.

So Create your Wikipedia page account by your Real Name and Business Email ID.

Create wikipedia account- Rethink UX

– Remember to Start Small

Always remember to update the existing information on your company pages before adding new pages. Once your account is created every minute change will get recorded on your company profile.

For you to become an “auto-confirmed user”, you have to make some effort in editing and creating activity on your business profile. Being an auto-confirmed user gives you an upper hand in performing activities on your company profile like Moving your page to public spaces and uploading images of your products and services which are restricted for regular users.

How to edit on Wikipedia

– Gather sources

Sources and their authority are Sources are tremendously important for Wikipedia page or article. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, so everything on your company profile on Wikipedia has to be verified.  I can’t stress this enough.

No matter who you are, even if you are a very authoritative and famous person, you should not just sit and write your own Wikipedia article. Doing this would be a conflict of interest. You always need a third-party authentication through printed books or magazines and online websites or articles to support the fact that the information provided by you is true.

Your content must be factual and unbiased. When creating any client’s technology page, you should include information about your competitors and their technologies, as well as links to their sites. You’ll want your facts to be straight so you’re not accused of any misrepresentation.

Also, consider including images. Only use images that you own or images not subject to copyright.

– Write the copy

First, write your copy in google docs.

Formatting the page using “Wiki code” took a little while. It’s a tedious process even if you’re HTML savvy, so be sure to allow time for this or hire someone to do it for you. You can also hire Rethink UX if you find difficulty in any of the processes.

– Submit the page for review

Submit- Wikipedia Article

Once your page is complete and error-free, you will need to submit it to Wikipedia for review. This process can take as little as a few days or as long as a few weeks or more to get a response.

What has your experience been with Wikipedia? Have you created pages or articles? Have you had problems correcting erroneous information posted by others? Post your comments below and do let us know if you want us to create your Wikipedia page.

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