How to choose a SaaS SEO Agency in 2021?

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Have you decided to hire a SaaS marketing agency to help your SaaS business? If yes, Then you are on the right track because reliable and competent marketing experts can make a big difference when growing your business.

In these recent times, many SaaS companies have begun to concentrate more on organic SEO strategies. By doing so, companies can spend more on assets that are going to last.

So if you want to focus on improving your ranking on the search engine page results you should probably look for a SaaS SEO agency.

But, do you know what SaaS SEO agency you should hire?

If not, don’t worry!

In this article, we can help you with making the right decision.

SaaS SEO vs Traditional SEO

Although it’s much easier to set up Google and social media ads, content marketing is still king when it comes to SEO. The content plan and SEO are the foundation blocks in building a successful, scalable, and predictable growth strategy. 

When it comes to SEO, it’s really important to organize your SEO strategy so that it meets your company profile, whether it’s SaaS SEO or traditional SEO.

If you look at any of the most successful SaaS companies in the world like Hubspot, SEMrush, Mailchimp,Survey Monkey, they’ve all become front runners because they’ve invested in content-driven growth and SEO.

Let’s have a look at a few key differences between SaaS SEO and traditional SEO:

1.1 Marketing Goal: Leads vs Sales?

If you’re investing in traditional SEO, the focus is on driving new leads and sales within a certain time-frame. I.e. getting the customer to engage > visit a website > make a purchase in the quickest time possible.

And when it comes to SaaS SEO, the focus is on creating content and building long-term relationships with other businesses. The more you create content about your brand, the more you create trust about how useful the product will be in the long term for your business.

Think of SaaS SEO as more of ‘telling the story’ marketing and traditional SaaS SEO as selling a product or a service.

1.2  Keyword: Industry Specific vs Generic

When it comes to keyword selection, this is somewhat different for SaaS SEO campaigns. Traditional SEO keyword selection centers around technical keywords targeted towards a specific audience, whereas SaaS SEO keyword selection focuses on long-tail keyword and phrase selection. For example, keywords for a SaaS company such as Mailchimp would more likely be phrases such as ‘best email marketing software’ and for hubspot is “best sales CRM tool”.

1.3 Relationships: Long Term vs Short Term

With SaaS SEO, the real goal has to be about how your company or brand will benefit a business. 

For example, how ZenDesk will help free up time for your technical department building services or how it will help your customer service department resolve customer complaints more efficiently. Building a relationship and telling a story are the real backbones of SaaS SEO.

So for SaaS SEO, a long term relationship is a must to succeed.

2. Questions to ask a SaaS SEO Agency

When hiring an SaaS SEO Agency there are a number of questions you could ask to help you make the right decision. These questions are:

2.1 Do they have any experience with SaaS business type? See the past performance.

Check whether the agency has the experience of SaaS SEO or just traditional SEO. A good SEO agency should be able to show you a portfolio of previous SaaS clients and the results from their SaaS SEO techniques.

You need to make sure that the agency you are hiring has been able to deliver solid and valuable results in the past. You should also check if the agency has worked with similar businesses like yours, and that the results are comparable to the one you want for your business.

2.2 Do they have any experience with the SaaS market segment?

If your B2B company is a Fintech product, you might be more comfortable working with a SaaS SEO agency who has experience in the finance industry. SaaS SEO and marketing should complement one another and as such, it might be best to hire a SaaS SEO consultant who understands your business, competitors or sector.

2.3 Are they familiar with your platform?

Understanding the platform on which your site is built is of real importance when hiring a SaaS SEO Agency. There are huge differences between WordPress and Wix with regards to SEO tactics, so even if it’s just a general understanding, try and hire an agency who’s worked with the same technology.

2.4 Do they have similar case studies?

If you were hiring a dietitian to transform your physique, you’d want to see reviews and photos of previous clients they’d worked with. The same goes for SaaS SEO Agency. A good SEO Company should be willing to show previous successful SEO results and able to offer client testimonials that are specific about how they or their consultancy has helped grow their business using SaaS SEO.

2.5 Ask past and current clients about their experience

Make sure to  get in touch with some of their current and past clients.

By doing so, you will be able to understand how their experience with the agency has been. A reliable and qualified SEO agency should have no dilemma with putting you in touch with some of their customers.

2.6 How do they go about link building?

As we all know that Trust and authority is a top ranking factor. So you should also ask how the agency handles link building.

Link building can be done by creating excellent content that can draw in natural links.

2.7 What are the penalties of terminating the contract?

There can be numerous reasons why you might want to terminate the contract with your SEO agency before it’s over.

Find out what the penalties would be if you have to terminate a contract. If this seems too costly, you may want to reconsider if the agency is right for you or you need to negotiate before signing the contract.

3. Mistakes to avoid when choosing a SaaS SEO consultant

Let’s take a look at what not to do so you can save yourself money and heartache down the line!

3.1 Do not trust Top SEO Directory Listings

Try to type in “best SEO companies” or “best SaaS SEO agencies” on Google. Then you will be shown different websites that aggregate SEO agencies on the market. But be aware that these are not the best SEO agencies.

Because the SEO agencies on those lists are paying to be there. They are clearly not reliable.

However, you will be able to find a few websites such as where you can’t pay to be listed. Such sites can be a valuable source for you like Moz.

3.2 Do not accept a cheap SaaS SEO Agency

It is important that you don’t choose a cheap SEO agency. Because these agencies will under deliver in terms of qualified outcomes for your business. They will most likely use cheap solutions like copy-and-paste approaches.

Instead, you should decide on a realistic SEO budget and stick to it. That will give you the results to help grow your SaaS business.

4. Conclusion

There are many, many ways of choosing the right SaaS SEO agency for your business, and only you really know who’s right for your company.

Ensure you’ve done your homework and research before deciding which SaaS SEO agency is best for you. Check their reviews or recommendations, check their previous work and check that they can deliver what they promise!

And if you read this article then most probably you have come to our ranked blog through google that means we also know SEO 🙂

Do consider Rethink UX once. Book a meeting with our SEO expert, he will definitely help you in finding the right agency for you according to your need.

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